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The Homeownership Resource Center

Building neighborhoods one homeowner at a time is the vision behind The Homeownership Resource Center (HRC), a division of Family Services, Inc. Family Services, Inc. is a HUD- and South Carolina State Housing approved comprehensive housing counseling agency. The HRC provides unique housing and financial education programs including:

Family Services, Inc. is NeighborWorks® America charter member offering a complete package for all of your housing education needs and information.Additionally, downpayment and closing cost assistance loans for low-to-moderate income buyers may be available for qualified buyers in targeted communities.

We now offer an ONLINE homebuyer education course! Click here to learn more.

The Homeownership Resource Center Staff Directory



Staff Member

Phone Number

Email Address

Debbie Kidd, Director

(843) 735-7860

Revena Dawson, Homebuyer/Credit Advisor

(843) 735-7884
Tammy Jones, Foreclosure Prevention Processor

(843) 735-7876

Carolyn Lecque, SC Area Foreclosure Representative

(843) 735-5524

Laura Longtine-Rosado, Data Management Coordinator

Elizabeth Wincenciak, Data Management Assistant

(843) 735-7864

(843) 735-7846


Brian "Mel" Meleski, Court Liaison/Foreclosure Prevention Counselor


Mary Regan, Reverse Mortgage Counselor

(843) 735-5528

Tamara Rivers, Foreclosure Assistance Coordinator

Tracy Booker, SC Help Intake Counselor
(843) 735-5516

(843) 735-7844


Adrienne Wynn, SC Help Coordinator

(843) 735-5526