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Debt Management Program

The CCCS Debt Management Program at Family Services, Inc. is an integrated counseling service ensuring payments are sent directly to the client's creditor and applied to any outstanding balance. CCCS develops reduced payment programs with creditors for consumers who are overextended and clients agree to make one convenient monthly payment to CCCS who then distributes payments to creditors on the client's behalf. 
There is no minimum amount of debt required to participate and frequently accounts can be "re-aged" by certain creditors. In many cases debt repayment plans provide sound alternatives to bankruptcy. Currently, CCCS is only able to work with clients on their credit card and unsecured personal loan debts; not collection accounts, medical bills, or debt incurred with payday lenders and title loan/personal finance companies.*  Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff are always available to answer any questions or address any issues regarding the Debt Management Program.  
Please Note: This is NOT a bankruptcy program. For more information about Bankruptcy Counseling, please click here.
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*If you have incurred debt with payday lenders or title loan companies we encourage you to speak with their branch managers and make financial arrangements regarding your balance.